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Tactical Gameplay and Tasty Donuts

Welcome to Tactical Playgrounds! TP is a Community where like-minded gamers can meet and enjoy tactical gaming and good teamwork within a fun and friendly environment. Our current members are mostly old & new SWAT4 players from around the globe. TP is part of the wider community within tactical gaming, which Includes networking and gaming & training sessions with other groups we train & practice with.

If you are a mature person with good communication and know what teamwork means – you will find yourself at home. We also welcome new players and offer help in the form of training with Immediate Threat, Habermehl & Hybrid CQB Procedures. If you’re looking for mature and serious gameplay, then don’t hesitate to join us.

Supported Games

Ready Or Not

Ready or Not is the future of Tactical CQB Gaming. A game inspired by the SWAT game series, but enhanced and built for the modern standards. The current development of the game looks very promising and it’s very close to the original SWAT3 / Rainbow Six games with the good old Unreal Engine. Since Ready or Not is built with the Unreal Engine 4, every ” Old School” Swat Gamer will feel at home and learn the game quickly. Ready or Not does feature almost every aspect of the original SWAT Series like arresting bad guys, Less-lethal solutions, Door wedges, Flashbangs, Tazers and so on.. Follow it closely with us: Follow it closely with us: https://voidinteractive.net/

SWAT 4 & Some History

THIS is where it all started – where the idea of teamwork and tactics was created, 16 Years ago with the release of SWAT4 back in 2005. Now after all these Years of Supporting SWAT4 we have closed the official support for this old gem to make Ready or Not our priority..


We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another” – Dauntless Manifesto